Partial List of Services


Parking Lots, Construction Areas, Parking Decks

  • Wiping Window Sills, Cobweb Removal
  • Handpicking, Changing Trash Can Liners
Asphalt Maintenance

Striping, Sealcoating, Pothole Patching, Asphalt Overlays, Speed Bumps

Pressure Cleaning

Sidewalks, Buildings, Parking Decks, Pylon Signs, Dumpster Pads, Spills, Trash Cans, Metal, Synthetic and Canvas Canopies

  • Maintaining, Installing Pole Lights, Security Wall Packs, Other Exterior Building Lights and Ballasts, Light Meters, Light Timers, Photocells
  • Installing Padlocks, Hasps on Lighting Panels
  • Installing Identifying Numbers to Disconnects, House Panels, Light Poles
  • Installing onto Buildings, On Poles, Into Ground
  • Removing of Neon Signs from Buildings
Synthetic Stucco (E.I.F.S.)

Resurfacing of Sign Band After Sign Removal

Bulk Refuse

Hauling to Landfill


Building Walls, Metal Pipe Bollards, Pole Bases, Metal Rails, Metal Steps, Dumpster Gates, Light Poles, Sign Bands, Compactors

Tenant Spaces

Cleaning After Tenant Departure, Papering Windows, Changing Door Locks, Boarding Broken Windows and Doors, Washing Windows, Wiping Window Sills, Replacing Ceiling Tiles, Vacancy Inspections

Pavement Improvements

Installing, Relocating of Wheel Blocks, Metal Bollards, Drain Grates

Roof Maintenance

Creating, Executing Inspection Programs, Removing Abandoned Items

Seasonal Services
  • Hanging of Banners, Flags, Decorations
  • Removing Bird, Wasp Nests
Carpentry & Welding Services

Repairing, Installing Gates, Fences, Building Columns

Concrete Services

Installing, Repairing Curbs and Gutters, Concrete Dumpster Pads, HC Ramps, Grinding


Retention Ponds, Vacated Tenant Spaces, Goose Droppings, Soil Erosion

Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC

Investigating Leaks, Odors, Noises, Electrical and Other Problems

Erosion Control

Silt Fencing, Dandy Sacks, Tree Fencing, Outlets, Clean-Up

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